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Who makes this tasty stuff?

I do! That fellow in the picture! I make this delicious food! 

I make artisan pickles, cooking videos, Elizabethan feasts on period cooking equipment, and more; and I want everyone to eat better and take pride in their food.

I do small scale catering, recipe and menu development, even food writing on occasion. I'm always open to interesting opportunities to help people cook and eat better food.

I have a strong background in French technique and have worked in fine dining in Los Angeles and with celebrity chefs during my time in culinary school.  I am an obsessive and voracious student of traditional and historic ingredients, techniques, and cultures. I am the founder of Witt's Pickles; an artisan producer of traditionally preserved pickled vegetables, focusing on preserving locally sourced organic produce, as well as the techniques of food preservation itself. 

Aside from my love of food preservation, my cuisine tends to focus on applying modern ideas to traditional preparations. Whether it be updating a favorite comfort dish (sorry mom, I still love your meatloaf!!) or modernizing an Elizabethan feast, I'm happy to put a delicious modern spin on an "old school" dishes.  I do also love making the old classics, just as they were made in their own era.  I love using molecular techniques to add an element of surprise to plates and to have fun with traditional texture and flavor combinations.  My studies of traditional cooking techniques from a variety of world cultures help inform those combinations as well, and I take pride in my ability to recreate "almost authentic" versions of traditional dishes from across the world.  I firmly believe that a meal should represent the tastes and preferences of the diner, as interpreted through the mind of the chef


Witt's Pickles

Witt's Pickles is a San Diego based producer of small batch pickles, handcrafted with locally sourced organic produce.  


Witt's for Dinner

Witt's for Dinner is a cooking show about transforming basic ingredients into exceptional dinners and encouraging everyone to try their hand at making their own meals from scratch.